A comprehensive range

We offer a whole range of insurance products that perfectly meet the needs of today's businesses: protecting the company's responsibility, its economic activity, its assets, the health of its employees...

Customized contracts with the best possible terms & conditions

Our strength is to be able to offer you the most efficient solutions in an international market, dedicated to your problems: Your guarantee of subscribing to an optimized contract at the fairest price.

Local professional teams

Working with local trained employees is essential for us: understanding local economic issues, knowing how to anticipate local risks, a source of proposals for a more effective coverage ... it is our vision of the trustworthy relationship between clients and the insured.

A family group that stays true to its commitments

Our development strategy and the legitimacy we have obtained from renowned international companies do not prevent us from remaining a local insurer, who "dares" to listen and propose solutions where others may be more reluctant. The professionals who rely on us know that they can ask us to work on specific issues (eg: offer an insurance solution for health tourism or insurance for traveling communities ...)

A keen understanding of maritime economy

Ship-owner, fisherman, aqua culturist, marine industrialist ... Poe-ma provides a reference offer, which takes into account your local risks and accompanies you in the event of a disaster.