About us

Over 30 years, we have successfully moved forward, catching the wind and staying on course. We are proud to see that our development has always remained true to our philosophy from day one: we have distinguished ourselves from ordinary actors in the world of insurance by designing a coverage adapted to the economic, climatic and regulatory problems in the countries where we are located.

Insuring everyday lives

At Po-ma insurance, individuals and professionals will find solutions to protect personal property, families and professional economic activities.Our agents respond quickly to your requests for quotations.

Knowing our clients well leads to effective insurance solutions

In every part of the world where we are located, we work with local agents, fully trained in insurance brokerage. Whether we are working for private or professional clients this close relationship is essential in order to offer adapted solutions.

Complex technical risk coverage.

We are highly rated for our ability to develop specific tailor-made solutions in some cases with very advanced technical constraints.

Being a key player in territories where shipping plays an important role

Our first challenge was to negotiate and insure the Pearl farms of Polynesia, which at the time were totally deprived of protection. We have successfully met this challenge and have enabled the economic development of this activity in better conditions. Today we cover industrial, technical and commercial risks in the maritime field, such as aquaculture, transport and boating

Close to local issues and global economic players

We chose to set up our headquarters in Paris where our support operations and technical experts are focused. Being at the crossroads of leading insurance services is essential to maintaining a qualitative relationship, a guarantee of advantageous, contractual negotiations.

Poe-Ma insurances group-18, rue Pasquier-75008 Paris

By the way, what does Poe-ma mean?

Poe-ma is derived from the Tahitian words "Poe", which means pearl, and "Ma," which means pure. Choosing a name directly linked to our first challenge is a reminder that we are brokers who venture, who measure and take risks where others at times do not dare to intervene.

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