In 1991, at its creation, Poe-ma positioned itself as an insurance broker seeking to have a different outlook on insurance coverage.

Vincent George, a former general insurance broker in metropolitan France, created a new device to help preserve a vital economic activity in Polynesia: pearl oysters.

This approach, built around finding solutions adapted to the local economic and climatic constraints, contributed to the rapid development of Poe-ma: insuring other maritime and industrial economic activities in Polynesia and covering the personal belongings of the Polynesians.

This in-depth knowledge of overseas and of maritime risks in general naturally led Poe-ma to develop their activity on the tropical belt, followed by Asia and the Mediterranean Basin. Poe-ma was proud to have a turnover of 6 M € in 2017, 10 branches worldwide and privileged partnerships with renowned international companies. Poe-ma is now recognized as a broker that takes the risk of getting involved in the lives of its customers and prospects.